Topographical relationships of the canine heart

The coronary groove is external and about 1/3 down from greater vessel (division btw atria and ventricles).  Usually covered by fat and carries coronary vessels. 
Auricles determine L from R and groves reflect internal septa.  Auricle surface is on the L (bc both auricles can be seen).  Auricles are blind extensions of atria.  L auricle receives blood from pulmonary vein.
Pulmonary trunk on L side disrupts coronary groove and pulmonary trunk is deep to aorta.  Auricle surface has both R and L ventricles on it but L interventricular groove helps differentiate it.
Cranial to interventricular groove is R ventricle and caudal to the groove is LV. L interventricular groove does not bisect heart evenly bc L ventricular wall is thicker.
Apex of heart is made of LV mostly and RV makes up cranial margins of heart.  LV makes of apex on caudal margins of heart. 
R side is mostly made up of RV but caudally you find interventricular groove (subsinosal groove) which separates cranial RV and caudal LV.  R side has caudal vena cava and cranial vena cava (brings blood from abdomen and into RA). 
On external surface of left side, the L coronary artery divides the caudal margin of pulmonary trunk and L auricle into the circumflex and paraconal branches. 
Paraconal goes down paraconal groove (L interventricular).
Circumflex goes down R side and runs down subsinuosal groove.
L circumflex supplies most of heart in ruminant (left side more important). 
Heart located in middle mediastinum and from rib 3-6 and extends to 2nd to 5th intercostal space.  Apex is in 6th intercostal cartilage. 
Heart is surrounded by pericardium (fluid) and included in medisatinum. 
Caudal border is met my diaphragm and attached via phrenicopericardial ligament (sternopericardial in ruminants). 
Cranially is thoracic inlet with vessels. 


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