Veterinary public health review

Category 1- stained Patent blue V

  • all SRM-  Specific risk material
  • entire bodies of dead animals and carcases
  • all body parts (incl hides) of animals suspected or confirmed as having TSE
  • All material (cludge) collected from waste water in ruminant slaugterhouses
  • animals killes as TSE eradication measures
  • others: e.g drugs not licences

Category 2 (medium risk)- stained Black PN or Brilliant black BN

  • Animal by products not included in 1 or 3. 
  • e.g post mortem rejects with lesions indicating disease communicable to man or animals e.g septicaemic carcases
  • sludge from 6mm waste water non ruminant slaughter house
  • products containing residues of veterinary drugs and contaminants
  • animals and part of animals that die other than being slaughtered for human consumption (unless cat 1)
  • manure and digestive tract contents
  • blood from any animal that has not passed ante mortem inspection
  • imported material from 3rd countried that does not comply with GB requirements

Category 3 (low risk)

  • parts of animals passed as fit but not going for human consumption – pet food
  • parts of animals rejected as unfit but no risk to humans or animals (carcase passed)
  • e.g fluke liver
  • blood from ruminants that pass meat inspection
  • hides, skins etc
  • foodstuff containing meat no longer intended for human consumption

Exemption from staining:

  • category 3 by products
  • blood
  • entire body (except poultry- black)
  • products for examination or scientific purposes
  • manure and digestive content


  1.  approved incinerators, renders, intermediate plants
  2. as above + manure to land, gut room waste to non pasture land
  3. as above + petfood plants, technical plants, biogas plants and taneries.

can also go to diagnostic, educational and research purposes + taxidermy
Most types of cat 2 & 3:
– feeding to zoo and circus animals
– feeding to reptiles or birds of prey
– treatment at approved collection centres for feeding to hound packs, maggot farms etc

Please click on the link for a PDF review of some common clinical findings at the abattoir:

PAPH review practical


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I'm a Norwegian practicing as a veterinarian in Durham, England. I`ve recently qualified as a veterinarian at Glasgow University. This is a blog about my experiences as a vet student and now as a veterinarian. “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated”
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